Chelsea and Leeds : A History of Hatred

In our rivalries series, we take a look at the best rivalries Chelsea have had with different clubs over the years.

It always rears its ugly head, even when we’re nowhere near them. As predictably as the late plod of Corporal Jones’ foot, when Leeds fans gather in any stand, they will sing their song about their Cockney rivals. ‘Fetch your father’s gun and shoot the Chelsea scum’.

Chelsea fans still sometimes reciprocate with an elegy “We hate Leeds and Leeds” over the tune of ‘The Dambusters March’.

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That time when Hazard scored a hat-trick drunk and without a night’s sleep!

Eden hazard celebrates vs hull after scoring

After Eden Hazard decided to sign for Chelsea ahead of Manchester United and Arsenal, he still had one game left to play for his erstwhile club Lillie.

According to his then-teammate Rio Mavuba, the Belgian was keen to celebrate his move to the Premier League and decided on a night out with Joe Cole, Dmitri Payet and Mathieu Debuchy. The revelling went on late into the night and Mavuba said that the Belgian was still drunk when he took the pitch: Continue reading