The Jose Mourinho Chronicles: The Laundry Basket Hypothesis

Jose Mourinho in ecstatic mood

This story is unproven, but the audacity of it if it is true makes it worth recounting.

Uefa had handed Mourinho a two-game touchline ban in 2005 after the infamous incident with Frank Rijkaard. The ban encompassed both legs of the Champions League quarter-final with Bayern Munich from which Chelsea emerged victorious.

To get around the ban, it was alleged (by Mail and the Times) that Mourinho sneaked into the ground early and gave both the pre-game and half-time team-talks. Continue reading

The Jose Mourinho Chronicles: Omelettes And Eggs


Our ongoing series of lookbacks at the funniest, controversial & greatest moments of the Chelsea legend.

The day was 17 September 2007. Mourinho was speaking to the press on the eve of Rosenberg clash in the Champions League group stage.

Mourinho’s side had failed to hit the net in their last two league games. Mourinho’s comments came in response to a question about the Peter Kenyon’s interview – the then Chief Executive of Chelsea – which forms part of the behind-the-scenes film on the Abramovich era at Stamford Bridge, The Blue Revolution

Asked about the oligarch’s philosophy for Chelsea, Kenyon said: “I see him two, three times a week, depending on games. He’s passionate about Chelsea. He’s passionate about how we are perceived, how we do things. If we win, we want to win stylishly. He’s in it for the long term. Continue reading

The Jose Mourinho Chronicles: Pressure? Bird Flu is pressure. Mourinho at his jovial best.


Modern day football spectators might think Mourinho is an angry, bitter, sulky man. However, it hasn’t always been so. The young Portuguese has always had a way with words.

But his first spell at Chelsea, many a time, the press found him irresistibly charming.

The year was 2005, April and Manchester United were in hot pursuit of table toppers Chelsea for the Premier League title.
There were reports of furious disputes of Mourinho with Peter Kenyon and other Chelsea executives. There was the issue of loss of form for his key players. Continue reading

The Jose Mourinho Chronicles: The goal from the moon


The Ghost Goal term in the English language arose from a quote by Chelsea manager José Mourinho, following the 2004–05 UEFA Champions League semi-final against Liverpool.

It was ultimately decided by a single goal by Luis García, awarded by referee Ľuboš Micheľ, but dubbed a “ghost goal” and described as “a goal that came from the moon” by Mourinho.
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The David Luiz Song/Chant


The geezer was, is and always will be a cult figure at Chelsea.
Here is the song that puts the sentiments into words.

Oh David Luiz!
You are the love of my life!
Oh David Luiz!
I’d let you shag my wife!
Oh David Luiz!
I want curly hair too!

From #5SecondAngry To “That Outrageous Thunderbolt against Fulham”, A Look Back At David Luiz’s First Spell At Chelsea

He came from Benfica at a “hefty” price of €25 million + one Nemanja Matic. He went to PSG for a world record transfer of £50 million after three and a half years.
But during this relatively short time, David Luiz had become a cult figure at Chelsea.

His flamboyant curls and maverick defending made him stand out from the crowd.

If you go looking for drama on a football field, there are two varieties on offer. One is the fiery, dangerous type of Diego Costa and the other is the fun, cheery type of David Luiz.
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