Chelsea Champions: But What To Do Next Year?

So all is well and good in 2015 for us Blues. A cup-league double, who can complain? Having now secured the Premier League title, attention turns to next season and how to not only retain our Premier League title but also how to push forward and challenge for the Champions League after a somewhat shocking early exit at the hands of a former friend turned foe, David Luiz and PSG.

Next season, we will obviously have a strong core of influential players including: Hazard, Fabregas, Terry, Matic, Courtois, Costa, Cahill and Azpi (Assuming all these players are locked for the squad next season, which is a fair assumption). The question then becomes what to do with some of the existing players who have either under-performed this season or who could be replaced with even bigger talents to take our beloved Blues to the next level. Another side question that also remains is with our youth squad bursting at the seams with talent, will any of our youngsters be given an opportunity to be in the first team AND if they are given the opportunity, will they get enough pitch time to continue their development?

Nemanja Matic is now a Premier League champion

In an ideal world, I would like to see Chelsea buy one Centre Back, one Striker/Winger, one Attacking Midfielder (less of a priority) and one Central Midfielder while potentially offsetting the cost of these transfers in with the sales of Oscar, Cech, Mikel, Ramires and Luis. If the four transfers coming in were named: Varane, Pogba, Bale and Griezmann I would be absolutely thrilled, and although we may have the cash, I think FFP may have something to say about that. However, Mourinho has always managed to get ridiculous amounts of money for wantaway or unneeded players in the past, so let’s hope he can do that again.

I would propose Oscar to offset the cost of Pogba with Juventus, Luis back to Atletico to offset the cost for Griezmann and the sale of Cech, Ramires, and Mikel to help offset the cost of at least Varane if not Bale as well. I really do think we will have a hard time complying with FFP and getting Bale. But how amazing would a front three of Hazard, Costa, Bale will look…..a fan can dream.

I am also a big fan of promoting our youth players. I would really like to see Loftus-Cheek in the first team next year, there is no doubt in my mind he is ready. Outside of that however we have some great young talents in Solanke, Brown, Boga, Aina, Dasilva etc. but I do not think they would see the pitch time to develop enough with our first team, so I propose these other top youth players are sent on hopefully constructive loans.

My Chelsea Squad/Depth Chart for next year:


Iva       Varane      Terry     Azpi


Pogba                 Fabregas

Bale                                         Hazard


Subs/Reserves: Griezmann ST/W, Remy ST/W, Bamford ST, Willian AM/W, Cahill CB, Zouma CB/CDM, Loftus-Cheek CM, Green GK, Ake LB/CDM, van Ginkel CM, Cuadrado W/AM, Blackman GK, Chalobah CDM, Kalas CB/RB.

In all honesty, I am writing this article because I wanted your feedback, as fellow Blues, on what business you would like to see Chelsea do this summer. So please feel free to tell me I’m wrong, agree with me or propose your own team/transfers. Anything you would like to express, so comment below! Thanks and KTBFFH!