Biggest Questions Mourinho faces ahead of His First Match at Chelsea?

The first match I mention here is ‘Chelsea vs Hull’ and not Chelsea vs Singha-All-Stars. Since Mourinho is entitled to experiment much during the preseason friendlies.

The CB Pairing

We know that Ashley Cole will be the first choice at LB with Ryan Bertrand playing second fiddle to him. So what about the CB position?

Possibilites at CB – David Luiz, Ivanovich, JT, Gary Cahill, Tomas Kalas
Who to partner DL with?
Will Mou go with JT now fully recovered from his injury? JT can’t play week-in week-out
now so Iva or Cahill will be the backup. JT also lacks pace
and we will suffer if he plays in a high line.

Unlike many fans I would definitely say that we don’t need to buy a CB.
Having a WC defender like Luiz serves us well and what we need him is
to partner him alongside a less adventurous CB (JT,Iva,Cahill)

First Choice RB

Agreed that Cesar Azpillicueta aka Dave did good last season (bar some unfortunate penalties),let’s not forget Ivanovich has played all his career at RB.
If mou choses JT at CB them would Ivanovich be the first choice at RB?
In that case Kalas should be CB backup & Azpi will be Iva’s backup. Or will Azpi will get the nod. The possibilities it seems are endless and that is the case in defence only.

What position to play Oscar, KdB in?
Oscar has very high work rate and puts in lot more tackles than Hazard or Mata. That can make him look suited to midfield. But the frame of Oscar certainly makes him unsuitable to play in front of the CB.

Kdb on the other hand has the physical tools to meet up with the demands of this position. But normally he plays as CAM or winger.

With Mata, Hazard, Oscar, Schurrle, Moses & Kdb all vying up to be the front attacking 3, will Mou move either Oscar or Kdb to the midfield?
This is the position that can cost Chelsea the PL title.

Schurrle’s Position

Schurrle natural position is where Hazard plays currently. The left wing. Although Scurrle can play as a striker, I don’t expect to see him there except in emergencies. So if Schurrle breaks himself into the first team ahead of Oscar (which is quite a possibility considering the fact Oscar, Mata & Hazard are players too similar) where will Hazard play? If he plays in the middle,left-footed Mata would have to play at right position. (Mou sometimes like his left footed players to play at the right and vice-versa). Although they can exchange positions freely. But would we see Schurrle anywhere except the left wing?


This is a position where Chelsea has had problems last season. Will Jose back the On-the-road-to-recovery Fernando Torres? Who among Demba Ba & Fernando Torres be his main striker? How much time is Lukaku going to get?

The formation

This is not a question per se. We know that Jose likes a 4-2-3-1. He can tweak it according to the conditions he faces. Playing 2 strikers at the expense of pivot or CB in case we are losing. He can change the shape to 4-3-3. It all rather depends heavily on the opposition he faces.