Chelsea 2 – 1 Liverpool: Match Notes

Chelsea vs Liverpool Hazard

Eden Hazard and Eto’o gave Chelsea all 3 points. But it was much more than that.

Match Notes [MatchDay 19]:

  • The storm that hit Liverpool after the 3rd minute goal swept them aside. Chelsea played with insatiable hunger, and Liverpool looked like passer-by.
  • Eden Hazard continues his ascent to world class level. This is the advantage of having a great manager who can help achieve players their potential. Hazard looks more dangerous although he is still far from the level which gives defenders shudders near the box [like Ronaldo or Messi will do], but he looks to be taking the effort to reach there. He is no longer drifting in and out of the game and has so many tricks up his sleeve. The greatest factor is being direct near the box which obviously Mou has tried to instill in him. Similarities can be noted in Ronaldo’s game under/after Mou,
  • I was thinking Mou should start Luiz in midfield because Lampard-Mikel partnership could’ve got run over. Too bad I didn’t publish it earlier. 😉
  • Talk about Lampard’s shot on target. What a strike!!! His performance against Arsenal & now Liverpool begs the question if he can carry on for one more season at this level. Only if he is used sparingly. He can give a lot to the development of Van Ginkel. The best solution would be to sell Essien and retain Lampard. Sell Mikel and bring Matic.
  • Eto’o challenge on Henderson was rash and deserved YELLOW. Pool fans will say RED, but look there was no momentum in the challenge at all so it is not THAT dangerous.
  • Hazard’s penalty shout is way more credible than Suarez’s penalty shout. Hazard had the ball and maybe was looking for contact but Suarez didn’t even have the ball when that theatrical dive came from him. Webb didn’t give him a yellow because there was slight contact. If it had been on the ball incident and Suarez hadn’t made  a meal of it, then it might have been given. People say Suarez has changed, he hasn’t. Only when they are losing does the real Suarez begins to show.
  • People can talk all they want about Chelsea’s style. The boring anti-football they played at Arsenal. Mou is trying to deliver the exciting football, the fluid-crisp passing with loads of possession & playing in a high block all the time. Chelsea already have made long strides in pressing in opposition’s half and there is general willingness now in the team to retain the ball. Performances like Arsenal sometimes are demand of situation while the transition takes place. The left back, a CF who is comfortable with the style but most importantly a World Class Midfielder who has excellent passing skills alongside Ramires is needed. Chelsea must & WILL strengthen this area in January.

2 points off the top. Halfway through the season only 2 home games played (City, Liverpool) against Top 7 with home clashes against United, Arsenal, Tottenham, Everton, Newcastle yet to come. Happy TImes!!