Chelsea are walking over hot coals with Falcao. He should’ve gone to a club where he would have started every match.

Radamel Falcao celebrates
There is one thing we know about Jose. He stands by his players. Lots of things were made with Chelsea buying Shevchenko and how Mourinho didn’t “want” him. But when Shevchenko wasn’t scoring, Mourinho famously said in pre-match conference,

I can tell you now, to stop you (journalists) from asking, that as long as he is not scoring, Shevchenko will play.

What further proof do we require than to look at Samuel Eto’o. He was brought in by Mourinho as a stop-gap in 2013-14 season and immediately went into the line-up despite being rusty to start several consecutive matches without scoring. When it comes to strikers Mourinho gives players the time to prove themselves. Falcao will get it too.

So will Mourinho revitalize Radamel Falcao? Its a topic that will be the center of attention during the start of the season.

The Atletico Madrid hitman who destroyed the newly crowned European Champions Chelsea in the Super Cup 2012. The man who Chelsea passed on apparently due to his lack of work outside the box.

The first question that begs analysis: Was Mourinho the driving force behind this move? He could be. But more importantly, they share the same agent in Jorge Mendes. Could Mendes have convinced or rather requested Mourinho to the give his client a second chance? These kind of rumors will never be far once the season starts but Falcao doesn’t start to score.

However, the most important thing is whether he being brought in as a third choice? If so, then Chelsea can be safe in the knowledge that Costa and Remy are there. While things will work in favor for Chelsea, they will be even harder for Falcao. He won’t get time and that is exactly what he needs.

Falcao looks short of confidence and a striker without confidence is something hard to fix.

He is supposedly replacing Drogba who scored 7 goals last season. Falcao on the other hand just 4.

Chelsea have been burnt one too many times and should have approached the move with caution. If they keep Remy then at worst they will wasting Falcao’s wages and loan fee (if any). If however Remy is sold and replaced with another striker then things can go bad when Costa is injured – with the new striker adapting to Premier League and Chelsea’s style of play – (which to be honest is a more likely event than unlikely) given his history over past two seasons.