[Video]Chelsea boys start pre-season training with Jose Mourinho

Training kicked off on monday after Mourinho had decided to extend the summer break by 5 days keeping in mind the exertions of the squad.

Interestingly, Tomas Kalas is currently training with main squad. He was among the 3 players whom Mourinho mentioned during his first press conference, the others being Romelu Lukaku & Kevin De Bruyne. So that confirms Mourinho has interest in keeping him. Personally speaking, Kalas has pace and looks impressive but I haven’t watched him in matches.

Among other young players, Chalobah, McEachran and Islam Feruz are also present during training. This is partly because David Luiz, Oscar, Mata, Torres, Azpi. & Mikel are yet to join after their confederation cup exertions. Especially Feruz. How many of the young kids will remain with the squad when the super six return will be interesting to see.

Let me leave you with videos from 1st & 2nd day. Enjoy! Courtesy of thelb7i.