Chelsea 2 – 0 Hull: Match Notes

Jose Mourinho celebrates

Score: Chelsea 2 – Hull 0
Scorers: Oscar and Lampard
Assists: KdB & Torres
Penalties earnded: Torres (Unconverted)

  • Fernando Torres continued on his improved performances. In the last 2 competitive fixtures he scored 2 goals (including the spectacular goal against Benfica in Europa League Final). Torres created 3 clear-cut chances in the game. All were for Frank Lampard. The penalty he missed, the free kick he scored and another shot in the box. He needs the playmakers to support him too before the attention turns on him.
  • Chelsea’s creativity dropped a lot after initial 30 minutes when they went 2-0. Either Hull improved defensively or was it fatigue we can only specaluate.
  • Juan Mata is still integral to Chelsea. Mourinho has already fixed the disconnect in between the defense-pivot-attacking3 but it is still Juan Mata who makes Chelsea ticks. After the initial burst of energies go down in the game, players like juan Mata grow in the game (since they don’t rely on energy, pace too much). He would have helped Chelsea dominate possession in the second half.
  • Mou got a great reception from the crowd. His name was sung constantly throughout the game and it started 20 minutes before the game according to the press reports.
    Mou also celebrated the goals passionately. His passion for the game is still like it was 10 years ago.
    He threw his notepad on which he was taking notes in the crowd at the end of the match!