Chelsea vs Manchester City: Complete Tactical Analysis

Chelsea beat City on their home turf to complete the double in PL. (Matchday 24)

Ivanovic Gets Freedom To Attack

Mourinho’s game-plan was exploit the space vacated by roaming Silva on Chelsea’s right. While Azpi stayed back denying Navas to run into space, Iva got forward and scored the only goal of the match as a result. The avg. position chart (from shows just that.


The Turning Point

City started positively and for the first 25 minutes City were surely ahead of us despite not having many clear cut chances. But it was counter-attack from a corner that proved to be the turning point in the match giving Chelsea enough confidence to attack and putting a little nerves in City’s defense.

It started with a back pass gone wrong from Negredo in the 26th minute and ended with Ramires shootinng rather tamely to induce a save from Hart. Chelsea were 4 on 1 at one moment.

Chelsea Don’t Fear Toure

A big problem for any team playing against City is handling of  Yaya Toure. We have remembered several instances last season how Chelsea players were bulldozed by the Ivorian Tusker but fear no more!

As David Luiz jumped fearlessly into Yaya Toure in the initial 12 seconds of the match, it provided a glimpse of what was to come.


Mourinho had a plan to handle the Ivorian. David Luiz and Nemanja Matic tackled Toure one one one, while Willian in the no.10 role applied pressure on Toure several times during the match. The marking of Willian on Toure was emphasized by Pat Nevin and is something people will miss.

Matic-wins-against-toure-75Luiz-Willian-pressure-Toure-66Toure Isn’t Afraid To Take A Tumble

As good and strong Toure is – he had 1 good chance (Tap-in from Kolarov cross,), 2 half chances (shots off target which could have beaten the keeper if accurately placed) and made a good one for Silva (teed up a pass for Silva in the box) – he does go down here and there.

Toure chose to dive shamelessly at 27th min mark when Matic closed him down. Referee Mike Dean was in attendance nearby and gestured Toure to get up instantly.

Toure took a tumble yet again at 72nd min when in fact foul was on Willian. This time Dean got fooled though and Petr Cech had to produce a brilliant save to keep Chelsea ahead from the resultant free-kick.

Eden Hazard – The best young player in Europe?

Many, including me, counted Zabaleta as one of the best right-backs in the world. That illusion was broken like a mirror by Eden Hazard. Hazard kept Zabaleta in his pocket throughout the match.


Doesn’t this run remind you of a certain Argentinian footballer?

The second half started entertaining. Hazard created a chance
by lovely piece of skill taking out city’s midfield completely out of the pic

Hazard-outmuscles-zaba-42 hazard-intercepts-beats-zabaleta hazard-bypasses-midfield-48He is best U23 player at the moment. Neymar has been injured and has had ups and downs this season. Same goes about Mario Gotze.

The Goal

Samuel Eto’o came on the left leaving Hazard and Willian in the
center while Chelsea didn’t have the ball. Eto’o got the ball in his own half and passed to Azpi, Hazard now further
upfield on the left against Demichelis shielded the aerial pass
surprisingly well to start the attack.

As Hazard shimmied past Zabaleta and Dimichelis on the left,
and passed to the center, Dimichelis simply chose to stroll back
towards goal, meanwhile Brana had arrived outside the box
completely unmarked and Chelsea had one spare man extra than they usually do. Brana found Hazard’s run in the box who showed excellent awareness to find Ramires. The shot was blocked by Kompany, but the rebound was put spectacularly into the net by Chelsea’s RB.


City Tried To Fool Referee Mike Dean

Iva got an immediate yellow after the goal when Silva made a meal of his challenge. jose was furious but Iva was maybe just too happy from the after effects of the goal and let it go.

Negredo took a tumble clutching his face when Luiz barged into him . Dean saw the incident well and should’ve showed a yellow to Negredo. Shameful! Mourinho said it was with Matic, he might have got confused.

At one instance, Toure fouled Willian and protested to Dean just like Kompany did earlier for Luiz free-kick .

The Curios case of Billy the Masseur

The team-talk as we know was delivered by Billy, the Scottish Masseur. That must have calmed down any pre-match jitters. In the initial moments, the nerves showed when Petr Cech & Gary Cahill almost emulated Joe Hart’s blunder in the dying moments of the reverse fixtures earlier in the season.

Other Observations

Chelsea as the commentator pointer out were bossing it at the end of first-half as the crowd chanted the special one’s name. Even they couldn’t have imagined  such a favorable first half

Nastasic should have been shown a straight red card. He would have missed the FA cup clash against Chelsea.

Woodwork was the Man of the Match for City.

Ramires ran an outstanding 7 miles against City. Can any one outrun him? Yes. Apparently someone can. And that is none other than the big Serbian Nemanja Matic. It seems Chelsea have found their own version of Yaya Toure.