The Jose Mourinho Chronicles: Terrier Threat

Chelsea fans display a message reading "Jose's dog is INNOCENT"

Chelsea fans display a message reading “Jose’s dog is INNOCENT”

Our ongoing series of look-backs at the most controversial, hilarious & greatest moments of the Chelsea legend.

The dog is fine in Portugal – that big threat is away – you don’t have to worry about crime anymore.

– Jose, speaking after his team beat Manchester United 1-0 to lift the FA Cup

Mourinho was arrested and cautioned on 16th May 2007 after allegedly refusing to allow police to quarantine his pet dog, Gullit, a Yorkshire Terrier. The officials wanted to quarantine the dog, believing it had been taken abroad, then brought back to Britain, without vaccinations.

Mourinho was at Chelsea’s player of the year awards when his wife, Tami, telephoned to tell him the dog was being taken away at 8.30 pm.

Eyewitnesses claimed he freed the animal from the health officials, rushed out into the street and encouraged his pet to run off. The Sun appealed to its readers to get in touch if they had “seen Jose’s dog”.

What actually happened was, Jose tried to explain the Police about the all the necessary documents but they insisted on taking the dog to quarantine. At some point Mourinho apparently excused himself, saying that he needed to make a phone call.

He then pulled off the canine vanishing trick by phoning his chauffeur, who drove to the Portugese manager’s house and whisked the puppy away (if an unnamed friend of Mourinho is to be believed). After Jose returned, Jose replied to the police on being asked where had he been,

“Me, I’m the invisible man”

He then told them, “I’ve sent my dog to St Tropez.”

You can read here what Jose had to say about the incident.