The Jose Mourinho Chronicles: ‘The Special One’

The Special OneOur ongoing series of lookbacks at the funniest, controversial & greatest moments of the Chelsea legend.

Mourinho’s most defining quote, “Please don’t call me arrogant, but I think I am a special one”.

When: June 2, 2004
Where: London, England

How it Happened?

Chelsea sacked Claudio Raineri on June 1, 2004 after he ONLY managed the 2nd spot for Chelsea in the premier league as well as the semi-final exit in Champions League. They had spent £100m earlier in the summer. Clearly, this wasn’t enough as Roman Abramovich wanted more.

Consequently, the very next day, Chelsea appointed the eccentric Portuguese, Jose Mourinho, who was fresh off winning the Champions League with Porto & stunned United on their way to the title. The contract was in place before than that though.

Mourinho at his press conference at Chelsea

Never one to hide his feelings – as the English media got to learn hands on -Jose Mourinho made headlines in his first interview as Chelsea manager.

He said, “We have top Players & I am sorry I am a bit arrogant, we have a top Manager”.

This was just a teaser. What came later, is by far the most popular Mourinho quote ever and the moniker of ‘The Special One’ has stuck with him since –
“Again, please don’t call me arrogant because of what I am saying is true, I am a European Champion, so I am not one of.. of the bottle, I think I am a special one.”

This statement is often quoted in short as, “Please don’t call me arrogant, but I think I am a special one”.

A motto on the wall of the Centenary Museum of Chelsea at Stamford Bridge celebrates Mourinho’s legend at Chelsea by displaying “I am not from the bottle. I am a special one.” The message is painted loud and clear in blue and white on the wall.

Mou later reflected [with a chuckle] about this press conference in his interview with CNN in 2012 when was at Real Madrid –
“That press conference was couple of days after Champions League final. My ego was living a special moment and I go there and before THAT, 3-4-5-6 questions.. all of them in the same direction. Are you ready to be in England? I was feeling.. What is this? I am a European champion. I just won the Champions League with the Portuguese club and they should be very happy that a European champion is coming to their football and they are putting me in pressure! No way, no way! I am not a normal one, I am a Special one!

Here is the interview, if anyone is interested.

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