The Jose Mourinho Chronicles: Jose’s Lucky coat!

Lucky Charm?

Our ongoing series of look-backs at the most controversial, hilarious & greatest moments of the Chelsea legend.

The sight of a man wearing a long grey coat celebrating up and down the pitch became quite familiar during the Premier League years 2004-2007.

Opposition fans taunted the Chelsea manager about his fashion sense all the way during his first season, picking up on his attachment to the item many assumed to be his lucky charm. The chant of ‘That coat’s from Matalan‘ picked up among the desperate rival fans seeking to demean the suave Portuguese any way they can as his charges demolished teams left and right during his first season in England.

However, Mourinho had the last laugh here also, when it emerged, during the course of the season, that the coat was far more chic than cheap. Indeed, it was the work of Italian designer Giorgio Armani than of discount clothes chain Matalan.

His wife Tami had bought the coat for Mourinho five years ago and he sported it at most games that winter.

When quizzed on why he liked it so much, he told Nuts magazine: “People say I only have one coat and that it must be a lucky charm which is why I don’t change it. But it’s not true – I just love this coat. It’s warm and soft because it has a high percentage of cashmere in it.

“I chose it – nobody imposed it on me. It wasn’t given to me by a sponsor. It’s not official club clothing but it’s nice and long and I can remove it for interviews and display my official Chelsea blazer underneath. I’ve had other coats sent to me but I don’t want to change out of this one. Maybe I will when the gentle spring arrives. But if anyone wants to buy it, they will have to pay me a lot of money.”

Mourinho on touchline during super cup

Mourinho has favored suits this time around

After joining Chelsea for his second stint in 2013, he was asked if the coat will make an appearance this time around. He told the club’s official magazine,

‘I don’t have it now, it is in the Chelsea Museum.

‘I don’t think it’s good to be nostalgic about it, to think about things that happened in the past. I did that a lot with coats and watches I wore during some seasons. When it’s over, it’s over and we look forward to a new season and project. So, not the same coat, that’s for sure.’