The Jose Mourinho Chronicles: The Cup Final ‘Shhh’

Mourinho has had a great rivalry with Liverpool, their manager Rafa Benitez, the goal from the moon, that Gerrard slip. But he could have been a Liverpool manager instead.

However, in a cruel twist of fate for Liverpool, Mourinho bagged his first trophy in England with a Carling Cup (the English League Cup) triumph over none other than Liverpool.

Chelsea were trailing to Liverpool and it was Liverpool’s own Steven Gerrard who came to the rescue when he scored a spectacular own goal to send the match into extra time.

But at the time almost as much was made of Mourinho’s shushing gesture to Liverpool fans as was Chelsea’s 3-2 win. As soon as the ball ended into the back of the net, he turned to the Liverpool fans, who had been barracking him all game, and put his finger to his lips as if to suggest “be quiet”.

Mouriho was sent off for the gesture (as it was supposed to be inciting the crowd). He wouldn’t have cared a bit as Chelsea lifted the trophy after extra-time to kick off the glorious period of west London club.

Mourinho later claimed he was gesturing towards the press – but no-one believed him.