The Jose Mourinho Chronicles: The day Jose received a saucy dance on Chiambretti Night

Our ongoing series of look-backs at the most controversial, hilarious & greatest moments of the Chelsea legend.
Jose Mourinho on Chiambretti Night

Jose Mourinho made an appearance on Italian television show Chiambretti Night, shortly after his move to Italy. Ten months to be exact.
Mourinho looked uncomfortable and struggled to hide his embarrassment throughout the dance and averted his gaze multiple times as the scantily-clad dancer kept coming in his view. Mourinho can be seen chuckling at times during the dance.

Here is the video-

This is just the 9th part of the show (which is not a football show).

On being asked how he coped with being constantly under the spotlight [at Inter], Mourinho responded-

Training Inter, I feel like Robin Hood. Even Jesus Christ wasn’t liked by everyone. What hope is there for me?

Judging by the following quote, Mourinho already had the roadmap for his future in his mind-

My dream is to win the major leagues in the world. I won the English one, I will do everything possible to win the Italian one and a Spanish one day I would win.

Later, Jose on being asked what was he thinking throughout the dance, responded,

Nothing. I thought exactly what I said before: My natural habitat is the bench and the field. The bench during Sunday or Saturday, the field during the week. The press conference on the eve of the match is not my habitat but it is a routine that is repeated every week. For the rest, that kind of show is not my passion and you have reason, I was not at ease.

Oh, and Carlo Ancelotti got a dance too! Check it out.