Marco Van Ginkel is a Mourinho Signing!

Marco-van-ginkel-chelsea-shirtMourinho had following to say about the young prospect.

Marco van Ginkel is one of the best prospects. He is not yet like Schurrle – close to being a finished product – but he is a player with great potential.

‘Of course he needs to play and he will, because he is a player with great potential and physically he is more than ready. He is a natural athlete. By the technical and the tactical point of view of course he is a kid, he has to learn, but I think he is very open-minded and we analysed him for quite a long time. The Chelsea scouting department did it for quite a long time and I did it in the last five or six months, and we made a collective decision to bring the kid here. [Source]

So the special one is being humble here that Chelsea have been monitoring him. Michael Emenalo has done a great job at scouting young talents and surely he had Marco on radar too. But it is interesting to note that Mou was also tracking the kid and immediately wanted to bring him to the club. He checked all boxes for current Chelsea transfer policy. Hence the result!