Mourinho: Lesser points will win the title this season!

Coach Jose Mourinho of Inter Milan looks on during the Serie A match between Inter Milan and Bari at Giuseppe Meazza Stadium
Jose Mourinho is under no illusion of where he and his team stands at the start of the Premier League campaign.

While ahead of the new season, the likes of Liverpool, Manchester City and Manchester United have been buying players like there is no tomorrow, Chelsea have been cool and calm in the transfer market. There commitment to youth has resumed after a 1 year hiatus in which they bought the likes of Fabregas, Costa and Luis.

While Mourinho won’t be worried about the loss against Arsenal, the reality is Chelsea aren’t favorites to win the title this season. In fact, no team is.

Talking to Sky Sports at the launch event of Premier League season today, Mourinho said,

Two seasons ago we didn’t win the title, even before the real start of the transfer window we got immediately Fabregas and Diego Costa – a quick reaction. This year you can see from the reaction of Liverpool, Arsenal, Man City, Man United.

They’ve bought strong, they’ve bought well. They are trying to make an impact because they couldn’t get the title.

Last year Chelsea won the title with 87 points however the second placed Manchester City had only 79 points to show. Mathematically speaking, 80 points would have been enough to win the title last season. If we look at 2013-14 season, the top 3 teams had 86, 84, 82 points, however that season United lost too many points ending up at 7th place with 64 points. With 5 teams almost at same level, this season, the points split between the 1st and 5th position could be even less.

Mourinho suspects the same,

Maybe I am wrong but I have the idea that less points will win the title this season,” the Portuguese added. “Other teams are investing very well and this is not normal.

Smaller teams are getting some of the best players from some countries. Those players usually only leave their counties for the best clubs but now they go to the promoted teams.