Oscar Repays Scolari’s Faith As Neymar Steals Headlines

Oscar in action

When they walked out of the tunnel, it seemed like noise level might take the roof off the stadium, if there had been one. Playing at the home ground, with the expectations of 200 millions of winning the world cup, these boys (all millionaires, though had the humblest of beginnings) can at the very best, match those expectations.

There was an argument for starting fellow Chelsea-man Willian ahead of  Oscar in the press but not in Scolari’s mind. Oscar as we found out is not just the favorite of Jose Mourinho. And he repaid the faith, in full.

The nerves showed in the first 20 minutes or so as Oscar was shrugged off the ball twice and was unable to get on the ball. Marcelo found himself on the end of an unfortuante own goal. But as the ball ended up to Oscar (after a save from the Croatian keeper off Neymar), the left footed curving shot seemed to be going into the top corner perfectly if the keeper hadn’t intervened.  Chelsea’s silky-little-Brazillian though, didn’t look back after that.

It was his work in the midfield, the diminutive Brazillian who is so hard to shake off the ball, as Croatia found out twice during the build-up to Brazil’s first response. He will get the assist for that.

For the second goal, a dubious penalty, the ball to Fred into the box came from the yet again Oscar. The third goal was result of his clever run. Although the keeper could have done better but nothing can’t be taken away from Oscar.

Neymar may have stolen the limelight after his 2 goals but it was Oscar who starred and he will be my joint man-of-the-match along with Neymar.

I wasn’t a big fan of Scolari when Brazil appointed him as head coach. Though it looks ever likely he will take this side to glory.