The Return of ‘The One’


When Morbius found Neo, he knew instantaneously that Neo was ‘The One’. Just as Roman Abramovitch knew Jose was ‘The One’. So Jose came to Chelsea, declared himself ‘The Special One‘ and created history. And for some time, it was a wonderful life. Sadly in real life, the happily ever after doesn’t exist. So Jose was sacked but Roman did realize his mistake and hence, The Special One, The Only One, Jose Mourinho is all set to return to his home, Chelsea.

Alex Ferguson knew it, now Jurgen Klopp knows it and Arsene Wenger suspects it.

Lets dissect the speculation first. Mourinho might have already confided in Ferguson about the return during the CL encounter between their teams seeing the good relationship and mutual respect between the two. But it is the same mutual respect that prevents Ferguson from confirming in the press unlike some President of Mourinho’s kid’s football club did. Recent news indicate Klopp was also let in about the same by Jose on last wednesday during 4-1 drubbing of Madrid, but it will be hard to get a statement out of Klopp now, after Mourinho jokingly said, “Klopp talks too much..!”

Although nothing can be confirmed until the deal is made public, I am totally convinced that the Special One will be back home. (If Chelsea don’t qualify for CL, then it would become interesting though..!)

But why is Chelsea is home? Arguably he has had bigger successes with Inter (or Inter Milan) with a glorious treble winning season including the Champions league. He even won the coveted Champions League with Porto a feat that he couldn’t replicate at Chelsea. Not even runner’s up. So why Chelsea?

The reasons are simple.

  • At Chelsea, Mourinho did have success.
    Unprecedented success. Incredible success. In his debut 2004-05 campaign, Mourinho led Chelsea to a Premiere League title with an incredible 95 points record tally which is still unbroken. Another record was fewest goals conceded (15). In his 3 years with the club, he won 6 domestic trophies. He was unbeaten at home. Even in Europe, Chelsea were eliminated each time under controversial heartbreaking circumstances. Maybe it is the very thorn in Mourinho’s heart that still haunts him which has led him to declare, “I have unfinished business in England”.
  • The fans love him.
    After winning the FA cup with Chelsea, Mourinho famously threw his FA cup winners medal and blazer into the crowd. “He was awarded a second medal within minutes which he also threw into the crowd.” He has never shied away  from a verbal fight against authorities or another clubs and the fans love him for this. Although fans at Inter & Porto would surely remember him and love him but here at Chelsea is where his name is still sung in the stands. Mourinho was not only a winner but an entertainer too. His tactics and substitutions only enhanced his reputation as a genius.
  • The English media loves him.
    The ever eccentric Jose is not much-liked in Spain. Mourinho doesn’t like Spain either. In England, he was the center of attraction. The controversy prone Jose was always compared to noble Guardiola in Spain. In England, he was and is respected. He loved London too. So much that he already has a home in London. While his daughter might be going to college in London.

So coming back to the matter in hand, the implications of the return are looking clear. Ferguson is raving about Mourinho’s return in the press and is thinking about splashing cash in the transfer market (for atleast 2 players) despite winning the title. Wenger is already horror-stricken it seems.

From fans perspective, it would be the best gift ever after a heart-breaking in which the blues saw title after title slipping away from their hands. After the end of Rafa’s regime, Mourinho as a manager would be a dream come true for almost all fans.

Hell! The troll Mourinho is, who knows if he would have asked specifically for Rafa to be appointed so that he becomes the man to replace the Chelsea’s public enemy number one..! 😉

Although many fans might wonder whether his return is best for Chelsea or not (more on that later), I am an optimist.

Would love to hear about your views..