Was Gary Cahill Angry At Ivanovic After The Latter Went Down In The Box?

After correctly sending off West Brom’s Yacob, referee Lee Mason waved any Chelsea penalty appeals with his eyes closed for the rest of the match.
There was the case of Ivanovic going down in the box in extra time of first half. Sometimes Ivanovic makes too much of a reaction of a contact trying to get a penalty. Let me be clear though, that doesn’t mean the contact is not there or if he even goes looking for the contact. There is a difference.

What happened yesterday is unclear (lack of footage from a different angle) but if there had been no contact whatsoever the media wouldn’t have left Ivanovic alone. But judging by Gary Cahill’s reaction, it seems that Ivanovic went down rather too easily.

Ivanovic penalty call ?

Ivanovic can be seen replying back to Cahill (possibly) with a smile on a face a few seconds later. And Gary Cahill could also be seen reaching out to Ivanovic as soon as the half-time whistle blew. All’s well.