Watch Diego Costa pelt Chelsea fans with CELERY during the open bus parade!

Chelsea victory parade 2014-15
Chelsea have a long standing tradition with Celery. There is the famous yet somewhat bawdy chant apart from the fact that fans used to make a mess during matches taking Celery to the stadium and throwing it at opposition players. Eventually it was banned altogether from the stadium. The ‘somewhat bawdy’ chant is still sung in full force though at Stamford bridge.

The celery tradition still comes out during celebrations as it did on Monday afternoon for the Chelsea open top bus parade for celebrating the Premier league and League Cup wins.

The fans didn’t forget to bring the beloved vegetable to the parade to throw at the bus as it made its way through the streets.

The departing Didier Drogba soaked up the acclaim on the first of three buses which took Chelsea players staff and owner Roman Abramovich from Stamford Bridge along Fulham Broadway and King’s Road. The European Youth League and FA Youth Cup-winning squad were also present. The parade took place in front of an estimated 70,000 people.

And while most of the players were innocent victims to the tradition and got on with the celebrations, Diego Costa had other ideas. He patiently collected all the celery sticks and then – when he had a handful – started AGGRESSIVELY LOBBING IT BACK. There was some back and forth action, and its hard to determine who won the battle!

Here’s the man in full action-