Who do Tottenham Think They Are? Chelsea?

Andre Villas-Boas-Namaste

Tottenham Hotspurs were flying high during the initial 10 match reign of this season (2013-2014). They were flirting with the top spot, had spent over 100 million pounds over the summer and had one hell of defence. Or the stats told us so.

Tottenham put their faith in a young inexperienced manager who just won the treble (Europa League) in Portugal but got sacked at Chelsea. Chelsea did the very same last year. Hiring a young Portguese Coach and then fired him.

The prospect of Chelsea looking to miss the top 4 last season looked very real as Tottenham went above Chelsea (& Arsenal) to 3rd spot during Jan or Feb. Even this year, they looked threatening with 100 million pounds outlay.

But then again AVB was sacked just like at Chelsea. But here Tottenham have tried to take another play out of Roman’s playbook by appointing caretaker No. 2 Tim Sherwood just like Chelsea did when they appointed Roberto Di Matteo, AVB’s no. 2.

While at Chelsea Di Matteo won Chelsea the historic cup double of Champions League and FA cup, Tim Sherwood’s reign looks certain to head in a different direction. For starters, he is too immature. Just have a look at his press conferences. He says stupid (honest) things without a thought.

Well, Spurs are certain to end at no. 8, maybe 7? Who cares.

We hate Tottenham, We hate Tottenham!

P.S. Hope to see AVB in action somewhere soon.. Never hated him, Best of luck.