Comment: Why does Gerrard need Ferguson’s approval for greatness?

In a recent interview Steven Gerrard was asked if he could ask one question to a sportsman/sportswoman?

Gerrard’s answer was, “I’d ask Alex Ferguson, Do you really think that I am average?”

In Ferguson’s autobiography, he said Gerrard was not a ‘top, top player’, despite earlier trying to sign him. Now most people (fans, pundits) thought that this was because the Manchester United manager failed to sign him or because of the intense rivalry that he had with Liverpool. You need to remember that when Ferguson took charge of United, Liverpool’s trophy haul was gigantic compared to that of United.

However, it seems that Gerrard indeed has a very thin skin. (Remember how he claimed that Chelsea fans can’t be forgiven for the earlier abuse after chanting his name during his farewell match. That told the story of a man who was hurt. Well, it was not our fault that you let it f*king slip Stevie!). He is desperate for approval of his class by someone who has never even worked closed with him.

So, in a hypothetical situation, if Stevie indeed gets a chance to pop the question, what if Fergie says, “Sorry lad, you were never a top, top player. I didn’t lie earlier. Just look at your trophy cabinet!”. What then?