England need a miracle to progress to last 16!

Frank Lampard in action

#ABlueHeart Predictions:
There has been a lot of positivity in the English media since Roy Hodgson named a young squad for the upcoming FIFA World Cup 2014. Whether it was because he got pressured by media or instructed by FA is only a conjecture.  I have my doubts though. Why was Rooney shifted to left wing in the recent friendly after a lot of calls from English media to drop him.

Since the squad was named, the media has projected good predictions for England. There is a bubble which has continued to grow since which is going to be popped very soon.

The reality is that this team struggled to qualify for the World Cup and only backs-against-the-wall performances helped them to qualify. Has England squad changed a lot from the qualification stages?

Their best attacker, Theo Walcott, is out of the World Cup. Walcott has his detractors, but the fact is he creates the most chances for England atleast when I watched. Sterling has his pace but not his maturity. Will Roy even start him? Not unless English media asks him to.

Their best midfielder, Jack Wilshere, is out of form. And the best defender is at home.

Moreover, England come on the back of a busy Premiere League season. They don’t have any winter break and the weather is going to take its toll on a squad which lacks depth talent wise. Experience wise, their squad is as disbalanced as it could be. While they have veterans like Lampard & Gerrard, they also have novice immature (young! exciting!) players like Luke Shaw & Ross Barkley. Rooney is well Rooney and will do what he does at each world cup i.e. nothing.

It would be outstanding for this squad to somehow manage to get out of the group which has Prandelli’s Italy and Suarez’s Uruguay. Even if they do, it will be nothing short of a miracle for them to reach further to quarter-finals.