Quick Fix to Spain’s Pain Available! Will Del Bosque Embrace It or Has He Lost The Touch?

A miserable Casillas looks on against Netherlands

Spain have been in a free fall for some time. I have said so before but I could not predict they will crumble like this. No one could.

Against Netherlands, the attack was at its creative best (if not best than good) but the defence was in shambles.

High Line
Spain tried to play a high line. From the very start it looked like a huge gamble when Robben slipped the ball to Sneijder who fluffed on 1v1 vs Casillas. Spain would be punished though as Van Persie will prove so with an outrageous goal. Why didn’t Del Bosque change the system in the second half?

So the first change needed is the doing away of high-line. There was too much time for Netherland’s midfielders to find a through ball. High line must be supplemented by a fervent pressing. Moreover Ramos didn’t have the pace against Robben as the fifth goal showed. Del Bosque got this very wrong.

When Mourinho questioned Casillas everyone questioned him. It was unthinkable. But as it turned out he was right. Del Bosque never accepted it. Was he so blind to see the drop in quality of El Capitan? Pepe Reina or De Gea need to start ahead of Iker.

Pique the Centre Back
He hasn’t had the best of seasons. Some don’t rate him much either. Puyol has retired and his successors haven’t looked as assuring as him. Would Javi Martinez be a better bet? I think so.

The Midfield
Xavi and Alonso are not what they were once. They have gotten old and had lon seasons at their clubs. Against Netherlands, no one protected they shambolic CBs. The CBs were far too exposed and part of the blame for the annhilation comes on defensive mids. Instead of Xavi, Fabregas/Cazorla/Pedro must start. Koke if Del Bosque has the confidence in him.

What did Del Bosque see in Costa to take him to the world cup? He doesn’t suit his style and has never looked comfortable with the squad. It will never work. Torres is not the answer. Del Bosque should go with what he is best at. False 9! Fabregas is the man to benefit from the system.

Spain should go back to the basics. Shore up the defense. Tiki Taka with false 9. 1-0 victories. Here is a squad I would pick going forward-
Azpi   Martinez    Ramos    Alba
Koke       Busquets/Alonso
Pedro        Silva       Iniesta
Fabregas (in a false 9 system)