Premier League

Manchester United win, with Arsenal a close second on average over the last five years. Chelsea, Liverpool and Arsenal don’t have much difference in between them on averages. Manchester City, with all their might have way to go to match the other four in terms of their global appeal.

La Liga

Barcelona beat Real Madrid comprehensively. Sadly other La Liga teams aren’t that popular, with Atletico showing a surge in 2014 due to their excellent campaign in which they won the La Liga and lost in the CL final.


Bayern dominate as expected. Dortmund, however, are surprisingly close. They surges each season for both teams are near the Champions League exits. The duopoly here, as compared to La Liga, is even stronger.

Ligue 1

Paris St. Germain are the most popular club as suggested by the data. A monopoly as expected.

Serie A

Things are closely contested in Serie A. Juventus are just ahead of others in the recent years. The run to the Champions League final helps them dwarf others over the past year.


Overall (2004-present), its the Spanish duo who win. Barcelona are the most searched club in the world. Real Madrid come second. United are close to Madrid but still behind, perhaps paying for the under-par seasons after Sir Alex Ferguson. Liverppol, Arsenal and Chelsea come fourth, fifth and sixth respectively.

The giants from other league such as Bayern, Juventus and Paris St. Germain are off the map.