The Jose Mourinho Chronicles: The day Jose received a saucy dance on Chiambretti Night

Our ongoing series of look-backs at the most controversial, hilarious & greatest moments of the Chelsea legend.
Jose Mourinho on Chiambretti Night

Jose Mourinho made an appearance on Italian television show Chiambretti Night, shortly after his move to Italy. Ten months to be exact.
Mourinho looked uncomfortable and struggled to hide his embarrassment throughout the dance and averted his gaze multiple times as the scantily-clad dancer kept coming in his view. Mourinho can be seen chuckling at times during the dance.

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The Jose Mourinho Chronicles: Mourinho Feuds with Arsene Wenger

Mourinho vs Wenger
Our ongoing series of lookbacks at the funniest, controversial & greatest moments of the Chelsea legend.


Wenger defends his decision to field an all foreign squad against Crystal Palace:

Take what Arsenal and Chelsea have won in the past eight years. I go with reality, with the football we play and the challenge we have ahead. I don’t see especially that Chelsea play more English players than we do. Who have they produced, homegrown? Just one, John Terry.

12 March 2005

On John Terry’s declaration that their aim next season was to go through the season unbeaten.

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England need a miracle to progress to last 16!

Frank Lampard in action

#ABlueHeart Predictions:
There has been a lot of positivity in the English media since Roy Hodgson named a young squad for the upcoming FIFA World Cup 2014. Whether it was because he got pressured by media or instructed by FA is only a conjecture.  I have my doubts though. Why was Rooney shifted to left wing in the recent friendly after a lot of calls from English media to drop him.

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Chelsea vs Manchester City: Complete Tactical Analysis

Chelsea beat City on their home turf to complete the double in PL. (Matchday 24)

Ivanovic Gets Freedom To Attack

Mourinho’s game-plan was exploit the space vacated by roaming Silva on Chelsea’s right. While Azpi stayed back denying Navas to run into space, Iva got forward and scored the only goal of the match as a result. The avg. position chart (from shows just that.


The Turning Point

City started positively and for the first 25 minutes City were surely ahead of us despite not having many clear cut chances. But it was counter-attack from a corner that proved to be the turning point in the match giving Chelsea enough confidence to attack and putting a little nerves in City’s defense.

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Hull 0 – 2 Chelsea : Complete Tactical Analysis

Eden hazard celebreates vs hull after scoring

Chelsea came against Steve Bruce’s Hull and negotiated a tricky clash with all 3 points.

Hull employed a 3-5-2 formation which has been a regular feature of their season. Chelsea went in with a 4-2-3-1

The Extra Man in the Midfield

You will be forgiven to think that Hull employed a press successfully in the first half and ran out of gas in the second. It was rather the extra man in the midfield that made building from the back difficult for Chelsea.

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Schalke 0 – 3 Chelsea: Match Notes

Torres celebrates hazards goal

Chelsea appeared to make another good work of a toothless Schalke team with their striker Huntelaar out for the season.

Torres 5′ [Assist: Ivanovich]
Torres 68′ [Assist: Oscar, great work by Hazard]
Hazard 87′ [Great off the ball run by Torres]

Match Notes:

  • After gaining a lead after 5 minutes, Chelsea seemed like they wanted to see the match out and grind a 1-0 result (all this changed in the second half). They were completely content in giving Schalke the ball. Chelsea did resume playing at the mark of around 42′.
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Chelsea 4 – 1 Cardiff : Match Notes

Eto'o celebrates his first Chelsea goal.

Eto’o celebrates his first Chelsea goal.

The scoreline would suggest an easier match but it was not. Mourinho had to gamble YET AGAIN to pull off a win which became rather comfortable albeit.

Goals:Eden Hazard 33′
Samuel Eto’o 66′
Oscar 78′ [Assist: Ramires]
Eden Hazard 82′

Match Notes:

  • Chelsea dominated possession. Cardiff wasted time. Their goalie got a yellow card after about an half an hour, Mou got sent off! Continue reading

Chelsea 2 – 0 Fulham : Match Notes & Mourinho Post-Match Conference [Video]

Mikel Celebrates..

Mikel Celebrates..

Chelsea got the 3 points and Mikel grabbed his first goal for Chelsea! Amen!

Where were you when Mikel score the goal?

John Obi Mikel (Assist: Gary Cahill)

Match Notes:

  • So it’s confirmed that Oscar is Mou’s no. 10. Juan Mata will have to fight for his place and that is the right wing as indicated by Mourinho initially. For 2 seasons, we loved the little spaniard, so it is disappointing, but let’s see how it plays out..
  • Mikel-Rami pivot started. They seemed to lack passing quality. Whole of the team was still lacking rhythm.
  • Enjoy Mou’s view on Juan Mata, his vision for the Chelsea’s attacking philosophy and his reply to Jamie’s Redknapp criticism of Mou below.
  • Eto’o had another disappointing game. He was largely anonymous. Torres introduction made Chelsea look better. I hope he starts against Swindon on tuesday.
  • Mourinho on Mata: ‘He will be playing from the beginning against Swindon. I hope he tells me I have been wrong on the pitch
  • Oscar won 6 tackles against Fulham, more than any other player in either Chelsea or Fulham’s side. An unexpected grafter!

Chelsea 0 – 1 Everton : Match Notes

Cole vs Everton away 2013

International break saw Chelsea lose momentum and they fell to Everton.

  • Chelsea lost the match because they were not able to finish any of the chances created. Andre Schurrle and Eto’o had some great chances to score goals.
  • Mou opted to rest Lampard. The favorable pivot of Rami & Mikel started and they impressed a lot. As I will touch in another article, inclusion of Mikel frees Ramires to attack  and Rami had the best game out of all the Chelsea boys.
  • Was Eto’o match fit? If not, why the hell did Mou start him? He benches Mata on the same logic! Anyways Eto’o had a stinker of a match. I can rate hime 1 or  2/10 for this performance.
    What’s more depressing is, if this was Eto’o at his best at 32 yo (& hence Mou starting him), why the hell did Moy buy him?
  • Replacing Juan Mata around 60′ mark was a stupid decision by Mou. He clearly doesn’t fancy Chelsea’s twice player of the year and doesn’t trust him. Juan Mata had a good game. He deserved 90 minutes.
  • FLOP OF THE MATCH: Jose Mourinho. Yes, I said it. The gamble to start Eto’o backfired as he was the worst player on the pitch. Lost possession countless times, was easily muscled out of the ball and made a mess of glorious chances. If Torres had such a performance he would have been crucified! Eto’o is not the flop of the match for me because it was Mou’s decision to start him. And then there is the substi. of Mata.
  • Andre Schurlle had another poor performance but this time in terms of finishing.
  • Mou replaced Mata with Oscar in the no. 10 role. Lampard went into the pivot and Ramires went on the right with the substitution of Schurrle. Chelsea continued with 4-2-3-1.
  • Chelsea switched to 3-2-3-2 with Torres coming on & Ashley Cole going off. David Luiz went to the LB position.
  • David Luiz was clearly at fault for the solitary goal of the match. Not sure if he had instructions from Mou to press the ball but doing so into the box was ill-wised and it resulted in an extra man unmarked in the box. JT was helpless to prevent the goal. It should be noted that the same thing happened again at 55′ !!
  • Mikel had a good game. He is not the perfect man for the pivot as he is slow and gets caught out of position on counter but Mikel-Rami partnership is still better that Lamps-Rami partnership.
  • Ashley Cole was not at his best but he wasn’t poor either. Looks like he can use some rest.
  • There might be some people who are worrying about Hazard. Eden Hazard is not being underestimated by the oppositions now. You can see this by the fact that he gets the attention of 2-3 players as soon as he get the ball. This will only result in Hazard going a level further as the season progresses.

Our PL run comes to end. I will leave you with a funny expression from Iva during the match.

Iva gives a stare to Howard Webb

Iva gives a stare to Howard Webb

Chelsea 2 – 2 Bayern Munich (Super Cup): Match Notes

Goals for Chelsea:
Fernando Torres (Assist: Andre Schurrle, great work by Hazard)
Eden Hazard

Match Notes:

  • Oh Nando! Fernando Torres scored another great goal. How he loves the European competitions. Only Messi & Ronaldo have now scored more goals in Europe this year. I have said again & again that Torres is improving in each game. Mou should try once to go all-out with him. (to start him regularly and not rotate him)
  • The GEEZER is back! David Luiz had good 120 minutes.
  • Chelsea had a good start to the match partly due to the early goal. Bayern were rattled and were forced to make mistakes. If it had remain 0-0, Bayern would have started to dominated the possession excessively. Just like they began to at 1-1.
  • Petr Cech made many outstanding saves in extra time, I guess 2, but he was partly at fault for Ribery goal. Mistakes happen. On the other hand, Neuer was very much at fault for Chelsea’s second goal.
  • The game virtually ended at 85′ after Ramires red card. It was the correct call. But all the decisions kept going in favor for Bayern. Pep Guardiola seems to have improved Bayern in the department of play-acting. On a serious note, Bayern are not the team they were last season under Jupp Heynckes. Guardiola’s possession based system is not working at the moment. Will it ever work, who knows? Lionel Messi won’t be available to bail him out in every match. This year is going to be the true test of Guardiola’s system.
  • Chelsea defensive was something to be proud of not just after the red card. Seems like Gary Cahill is reaping the rewards of working under a coach like Mourinho.
  • Mou said after the match that the best team lost!
    This made me rethink about the match. Looking at the stats for 120 minutes would be a futile exercise. But if you analyze the game uptill 85′ red card, Chelsea created the better chances. Iva hit the post, DL nearly scored. The match would have had a different outcome had Oscar taken his chance.
  • Lets talk about exciting football. Mou isn’t a coach who has been very good at it. But he is certainly trying and it’s a work in progress. In the important matches, he will try to win the way he knows best and has confidence in.
  • Chill guys! It was Super Cup not the CL final. The defeat doesn’t hurt much. The internation break does…! 😀

P.S. Some people said that JT should have remained on bench , hoodo stuff. Nonsense, if that had been true, Gareth Bale would have been sold by Spurs for 3-4 million pounds to some Chmpionship club.

Manchester United 0 – 0 Chelsea: Match Notes

  • Mou surprised everyone with his team selection when he chose Schurrle ahead of Torres/Lukaku. Honestly, it was a defensive move with Schurrle capable of pressing more and tracking instead of an old-fashioned striker
  • His message seemed clear, don’t lose! If you pop in a goal then bonus!
  • The Lampard-Ramires pivot continued. Wouldn’t have mattered much if any other player had been there. We were playing for a point and we got it. Secretly, Moyes wouldn’t have thought it a bad result considering the fact in last 5 matches before this, United have won against us once! And that too against 9 men with an offside winner.
  • Chelsea squad is improving. The one point is not bad. Consider our 2 best players are still out. Juan Mata and David Luiz.
  • Don’t worry about Juan Mata. It was best that Mou didn’t play him in this match as he wanted almost everyone to defend first at almost all times.
  • There are no scapegoats for this performance like Ramires, Lampard, Hazard or Torres. Gary Neville said that the teams showed respect to each other but match stunk. Alan Shearer summed it up nicely observing that this clash came far too early into the season.
  • Torres was on a fine run of improved performances. Don’t know how this will affect his confidence.

Stats Attack:

  1. Chelsea are now on a unbeaten run of 13 games in all competitions. Their last defeat came against Man City in FA cup semi-final.
  2. Chelsea are now on a unbeaten run of 11 games in Premiere League. Their last defeat came against Southampton.