Chelsea Champions: But What To Do Next Year?

So all is well and good in 2015 for us Blues. A cup-league double, who can complain? Having now secured the Premier League title, attention turns to next season and how to not only retain our Premier League title but also how to push forward and challenge for the Champions League after a somewhat shocking early exit at the hands of a former friend turned foe, David Luiz and PSG. Continue reading

3-0 Down, 4-3 Up! Then The Old Dougie Fucked It Up!

In the brand new series, Blast from the past, we look at some memorable encounters from the past.

The day was 30th January 1985. Chelsea were being managed by club legend John Neal who has just the Blues to promotion from the 2nd division. They were to face Sheffield United in the replay of the League Cup (then known as the Milk Cup) quarter-finals. The first encounter at Stamford Bridge, two days earlier, had ended in a 1-1 draw with Wednesday’s goalkeeping legend Martin Hodge saving a second-half penalty from Kerry Dixon.

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The Jose Mourinho Chronicles: Mourinho Feuds with Arsene Wenger

Mourinho vs Wenger
Our ongoing series of lookbacks at the funniest, controversial & greatest moments of the Chelsea legend.


Wenger defends his decision to field an all foreign squad against Crystal Palace:

Take what Arsenal and Chelsea have won in the past eight years. I go with reality, with the football we play and the challenge we have ahead. I don’t see especially that Chelsea play more English players than we do. Who have they produced, homegrown? Just one, John Terry.

12 March 2005

On John Terry’s declaration that their aim next season was to go through the season unbeaten.

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Why Chelsea Running Away With The Title Will Be “GOOD” For Premier League?


As the dust settled in the aftermath of yet another exciting and unpredictable weekend of Premier League football, a stark reality slowly came into picture as we head into the last irritating and meaningless international break of the calendar year.

“The pace set is very very high [at the top of the league]” conceded Wenger. If last season was anything to go by, this season the title was bound to contested by a strengthened Arsenal and unpredictable Liverpool along with Chelsea and Manchester City. Chelsea are on course for a unprecedented 100 points, Wenger noted.

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Oscar Repays Scolari’s Faith As Neymar Steals Headlines

Oscar in action

When they walked out of the tunnel, it seemed like noise level might take the roof off the stadium, if there had been one. Playing at the home ground, with the expectations of 200 millions of winning the world cup, these boys (all millionaires, though had the humblest of beginnings) can at the very best, match those expectations.

There was an argument for starting fellow Chelsea-man Willian ahead of  Oscar in the press but not in Scolari’s mind. Oscar as we found out is not just the favorite of Jose Mourinho. And he repaid the faith, in full.

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England need a miracle to progress to last 16!

Frank Lampard in action

#ABlueHeart Predictions:
There has been a lot of positivity in the English media since Roy Hodgson named a young squad for the upcoming FIFA World Cup 2014. Whether it was because he got pressured by media or instructed by FA is only a conjecture.  I have my doubts though. Why was Rooney shifted to left wing in the recent friendly after a lot of calls from English media to drop him.

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The Willian Song!


The best thing about Willian’s transfer to Chelsea was that Spurs got trolled, big time! And Chelsea fans weren’t ones to sit back. They capitalized to the fullest by coming up with an amazing song in a very short time. Chelsea’s supporters in Prague were filmed by a fellow blue for the benefit of all of us.

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Should Ivanovich have been sent off against Villa?

The incident happened in 70th minute. Branislav Ivanovich, as they will tell, elbowed Benteke in the face. Most of the media outlets report that Iva should have been shown a red card. They said Iva elbowed Benteke. Well I will prove here that Brana DID NOT thrust his elbow into Benteke’s face. In fact, there was zero contact with Benteke’s face which the latter held while going down.

Here is the incident at full speed-

Iva-elbow-bentekeNow, not only referee was unable to see what happened whether an elbow was thrust and that too in the face, Brana did no such thing. Referee clearly can’t send a player off if he has a doubt in his mind.

Now, here is the incident slowed down-

Iva-elbow-Benteke-slowNotice how at the start it appears that Iva is going to elbow Benteke.

But as time passed Brana’s whole body moves towards Benteke and his arm barges into Benteke’s neck. Also Brana can’t possibly know where Benteke is, since he was looking at the ball. And where the hell did he touch Benteke’s face who went to ground holding his face!