Let the Mind Games begin! Mourinho 1 Moyes 0

Jose Mourinho Mind games

With the news of Chelsea confirming a bid for Wayne Rooney, the mind games have begin.

How? Let me get to that.

I suspect that Jose Mourinho intentionally made a ‘clean and ethical’ bid too low, knowing that it will certainly be rejected. The motive would be to unsettle the striker and the club. Even if the bid was around 20 million pounds, then it can’t hurt Chelsea since even if United accepts, Mou would sign him. If they reject, his purpose is achieved.

Jose Mourinho further said that he won’t bid further! So that further strengthens our view.

Also the rumor of the bid started with 10 million pounds + Juan Mata/David Luiz. How can a prestigious paper like Dailymail will publish such a ridiculous rumor? Unless they have some credible source right? (even a little credible will do!). So did Mou leaked it using some of his connections? Knowing that he will have to come out and explain no player was involved?

One thing is for sure that mind games have begun. And Moyes doesn’t give me the impression he is a match for ‘The Special One’.