Chelsea and Leeds : A History of Hatred

In our rivalries series, we take a look at the best rivalries Chelsea have had with different clubs over the years.

It always rears its ugly head, even when we’re nowhere near them. As predictably as the late plod of Corporal Jones’ foot, when Leeds fans gather in any stand, they will sing their song about their Cockney rivals. ‘Fetch your father’s gun and shoot the Chelsea scum’.

Chelsea fans still sometimes reciprocate with an elegy “We hate Leeds and Leeds” over the tune of ‘The Dambusters March’.

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From #5SecondAngry To “That Outrageous Thunderbolt against Fulham”, A Look Back At David Luiz’s First Spell At Chelsea

He came from Benfica at a “hefty” price of €25 million + one Nemanja Matic. He went to PSG for a world record transfer of £50 million after three and a half years.
But during this relatively short time, David Luiz had become a cult figure at Chelsea.

His flamboyant curls and maverick defending made him stand out from the crowd.

If you go looking for drama on a football field, there are two varieties on offer. One is the fiery, dangerous type of Diego Costa and the other is the fun, cheery type of David Luiz.
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Chelsea have a great squad and they will win trophies this season if not the league

KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA - JULY 21: A Chelsea fan shows his support for Jose Mourinho during the match between Chelsea and Malaysia XI on July 21, 2013 at the Shah Alam Stadium in Shah Alam, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.Chelsea won 4-1.

In the aftermath of the defeat from the hands of Manchester City, there is a little bit of turmoil among the fans. “Reporters” like Jamie Redknapp, who loath Mourinho, no matter how much they try to hide it, are leaving no stone unturned to attack Mourinho. The medic saga started a wild fire and the defeat to City added further fuel to the fire.

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A look at Branislav Ivanovic’s most important goals for Chelsea

The standard recently wrote about Ivanovic’s winner against Aston Villa, which ended Mourinho’s hodoo at Villa Park, could be his most-important goal. We, frankly, disagree about THE most important part and have compiled a list of his most important goals during his Chelsea career. Here is the list in no specific order.

The winner against Liverpool in Capital One Cup Semifinal – 27 January 2015

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Why Chelsea Running Away With The Title Will Be “GOOD” For Premier League?


As the dust settled in the aftermath of yet another exciting and unpredictable weekend of Premier League football, a stark reality slowly came into picture as we head into the last irritating and meaningless international break of the calendar year.

“The pace set is very very high [at the top of the league]” conceded Wenger. If last season was anything to go by, this season the title was bound to contested by a strengthened Arsenal and unpredictable Liverpool along with Chelsea and Manchester City. Chelsea are on course for a unprecedented 100 points, Wenger noted.

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Chelsea vs Manchester City: Complete Tactical Analysis

Chelsea beat City on their home turf to complete the double in PL. (Matchday 24)

Ivanovic Gets Freedom To Attack

Mourinho’s game-plan was exploit the space vacated by roaming Silva on Chelsea’s right. While Azpi stayed back denying Navas to run into space, Iva got forward and scored the only goal of the match as a result. The avg. position chart (from shows just that.


The Turning Point

City started positively and for the first 25 minutes City were surely ahead of us despite not having many clear cut chances. But it was counter-attack from a corner that proved to be the turning point in the match giving Chelsea enough confidence to attack and putting a little nerves in City’s defense.

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Why Mourinho Was Wrong To Outcast Mata But Chelsea Were Right To Sell Him

Adios Special Juan

Adios Mi Hermano

I was very angry when Juan Mata got sold and I wrote a piece/rant in that anger and depression. It was a bit strong & I said some things which I won’t agree on. So after cooling down, I am revisiting this topic.

Juan Mata, Chelsea’s No. 10.

Players like Juan Mata are one of a kind. To understand his style, his class on the ball, one doesn’t need to look further than the song that Chelsea supporters chanted for the Spanish Maestro – (video)

Juan Mata, my Lord, Juan Mata
Ohh… Juan Mata

The player whose touch is so classy so elegant that it leaves you gushing out of breath, speechless – remembering the name of the Lord.

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How Mourinho Alienated Juan Mata And Forced Him Out Of Chelsea

Juan Mata ignores Mourinho

If you are a Mourinho fan turn around now. I love the man but I am not blinded by it. Oscar and Willian are not spared too, so proceed with caution.

When Mourinho joined Chelsea he had a big problem in his hands. There were some players which he didn’t want or didn’t fit in his plans and one among them was Chelsea’s 2 times Player of the Year in his 2 years at Chelsea and also the last season’s Player’s Player of the Year,  one particular Juan Mata. Mourinho himself commented on Juan Mata that the getting those 2 awards shows how much he is respected by players and loved by fans and his statement goes to show that how daunting he considered the management of Mata.
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Biggest Questions Mourinho faces ahead of His First Match at Chelsea?

The first match I mention here is ‘Chelsea vs Hull’ and not Chelsea vs Singha-All-Stars. Since Mourinho is entitled to experiment much during the preseason friendlies.

The CB Pairing

We know that Ashley Cole will be the first choice at LB with Ryan Bertrand playing second fiddle to him. So what about the CB position?

Possibilites at CB – David Luiz, Ivanovich, JT, Gary Cahill, Tomas Kalas
Who to partner DL with?
Will Mou go with JT now fully recovered from his injury? JT can’t play week-in week-out
now so Iva or Cahill will be the backup. JT also lacks pace
and we will suffer if he plays in a high line. Continue reading