Germany and Argentina in Big Trouble!

Maradona's iconic dribble

The year was 1982. Maradona’s Argentina came against Belgium in the group stages. It was the match in which the iconic picture of Maradona taking on six Belgian defenders simultaneously was shot. It was rather a trick of the camera, as most of you might know already, if you have seen this photo before. Most importantly, Belgium went on to win that day, 1-0.

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Oscar Repays Scolari’s Faith As Neymar Steals Headlines

Oscar in action

When they walked out of the tunnel, it seemed like noise level might take the roof off the stadium, if there had been one. Playing at the home ground, with the expectations of 200 millions of winning the world cup, these boys (all millionaires, though had the humblest of beginnings) can at the very best, match those expectations.

There was an argument for starting fellow Chelsea-man Willian ahead of  Oscar in the press but not in Scolari’s mind. Oscar as we found out is not just the favorite of Jose Mourinho. And he repaid the faith, in full.

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England need a miracle to progress to last 16!

Frank Lampard in action

#ABlueHeart Predictions:
There has been a lot of positivity in the English media since Roy Hodgson named a young squad for the upcoming FIFA World Cup 2014. Whether it was because he got pressured by media or instructed by FA is only a conjecture.  I have my doubts though. Why was Rooney shifted to left wing in the recent friendly after a lot of calls from English media to drop him.

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