The Jose Mourinho Chronicles: The day Jose received a saucy dance on Chiambretti Night

Our ongoing series of look-backs at the most controversial, hilarious & greatest moments of the Chelsea legend.
Jose Mourinho on Chiambretti Night

Jose Mourinho made an appearance on Italian television show Chiambretti Night, shortly after his move to Italy. Ten months to be exact.
Mourinho looked uncomfortable and struggled to hide his embarrassment throughout the dance and averted his gaze multiple times as the scantily-clad dancer kept coming in his view. Mourinho can be seen chuckling at times during the dance.

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The Jose Mourinho Chronicles: Mourinho Feuds with Arsene Wenger

Mourinho vs Wenger
Our ongoing series of lookbacks at the funniest, controversial & greatest moments of the Chelsea legend.


Wenger defends his decision to field an all foreign squad against Crystal Palace:

Take what Arsenal and Chelsea have won in the past eight years. I go with reality, with the football we play and the challenge we have ahead. I don’t see especially that Chelsea play more English players than we do. Who have they produced, homegrown? Just one, John Terry.

12 March 2005

On John Terry’s declaration that their aim next season was to go through the season unbeaten.

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Jose Mourinho’s Last Pre-Match Conference For Chelsea in His First Tenure

When: Sep 17,2007

Mourinho declared: “The style of how we play is very important. But it is omelettes and eggs. No eggs – no omelettes! It depends on the quality of the eggs.

“In the supermarket you have class one, two or class three eggs and some are more expensive than others and some give you better omelettes.

“So when the class one eggs are in Waitrose (an English supermarket) and you cannot go there, you have a problem.

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I am going to be The Godfather!

Jose Mourinho said this on 19th July 2013 in KL, Malaysia during an hour-long interview. With Ferguson gone, he is the only European Champion left in the league.

“I am going to be the Godfather,” he said, smiling as he rejoined his coaching staff at the club’s Malaysian training resort

Brainslav Ivanovic will play as RB, says Mourinho

We raised this question of positions recently in another article.

Mourinho had following to say as reported by DailyMail

I know Ivanovic is very comfortable in the centre but I see him  and Cesar Azpilicueta as our two right backs. Our defensive group will be good.

So this pretty much confirms that Tomas Kalas will be the CB backup this season. And Iva will fill the role in any emergencies only. Maybe when next season Wallace returns from loan, the equation may change.

This also implies that Azpi will have play second fiddle to Iva atleast for the start of the season.

Mourinho also said that he saw Luiz as CB which is something everybody knows!

Mourinho sees Kalas as a Centre Back!

We raised this question of positions recently in another article.

Talking about Brazilian RB Wallace, Mourinho had following to say,

He is a good player but he won’t be staying with us because we have [Branislav] Ivanovic and [Cesar] Azpilicueta for the same position and he’s also non-EC so we’ll not get the visa. It will be too early, so he’ll go on loan for a season.

Interestingly, Mourinho skips Kalas here. Tomas Kalas is better suited to CB role and it will be great if he played at that role only. Although he did play the majority of the last season at RB position at Vitesse. His style is similar to that of Luiz but I will reserve any judgements here until I see some of his performances in the Premiere League. Although I can’t see him partnering Luiz often.

So will Iva will be played ahead of Azpi at RB or has Mou simply not made his mind yet? Only time will tell!

But for Chelsea, I would do everything

On 18 July, 2013 in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, Mourinho was asked whether he would have covered himself in blue paint for Chelsea’s kit launch campaign, ‘Its Blue, What else matters’?

So what did Mou replied?

I was lucky because I arrived late, and now they can put me there in Photoshop, so I will be there but I did nothing,’ he joked. ‘I am a spokesman for adidas, and for adidas I would do almost everything, but not everything. But for Chelsea, I would do everything


Let the Mind Games begin! Mourinho 1 Moyes 0

Jose Mourinho Mind games

With the news of Chelsea confirming a bid for Wayne Rooney, the mind games have begin.

How? Let me get to that.

I suspect that Jose Mourinho intentionally made a ‘clean and ethical’ bid too low, knowing that it will certainly be rejected. The motive would be to unsettle the striker and the club. Even if the bid was around 20 million pounds, then it can’t hurt Chelsea since even if United accepts, Mou would sign him. If they reject, his purpose is achieved.

Jose Mourinho further said that he won’t bid further! So that further strengthens our view.

Also the rumor of the bid started with 10 million pounds + Juan Mata/David Luiz. How can a prestigious paper like Dailymail will publish such a ridiculous rumor? Unless they have some credible source right? (even a little credible will do!). So did Mou leaked it using some of his connections? Knowing that he will have to come out and explain no player was involved?

One thing is for sure that mind games have begun. And Moyes doesn’t give me the impression he is a match for ‘The Special One’.