Should Ivanovich have been sent off against Villa?

The incident happened in 70th minute. Branislav Ivanovich, as they will tell, elbowed Benteke in the face. Most of the media outlets report that Iva should have been shown a red card. They said Iva elbowed Benteke. Well I will prove here that Brana DID NOT thrust his elbow into Benteke’s face. In fact, there was zero contact with Benteke’s face which the latter held while going down.

Here is the incident at full speed-

Iva-elbow-bentekeNow, not only referee was unable to see what happened whether an elbow was thrust and that too in the face, Brana did no such thing. Referee clearly can’t send a player off if he has a doubt in his mind.

Now, here is the incident slowed down-

Iva-elbow-Benteke-slowNotice how at the start it appears that Iva is going to elbow Benteke.

But as time passed Brana’s whole body moves towards Benteke and his arm barges into Benteke’s neck. Also Brana can’t possibly know where Benteke is, since he was looking at the ball. And where the hell did he touch Benteke’s face who went to ground holding his face!