Why Mourinho Was Wrong To Outcast Mata But Chelsea Were Right To Sell Him

Adios Special Juan

Adios Mi Hermano

I was very angry when Juan Mata got sold and I wrote a piece/rant in that anger and depression. It was a bit strong & I said some things which I won’t agree on. So after cooling down, I am revisiting this topic.

Juan Mata, Chelsea’s No. 10.

Players like Juan Mata are one of a kind. To understand his style, his class on the ball, one doesn’t need to look further than the song that Chelsea supporters chanted for the Spanish Maestro – (video)

Juan Mata, my Lord, Juan Mata
Ohh… Juan Mata

The player whose touch is so classy so elegant that it leaves you gushing out of breath, speechless – remembering the name of the Lord.

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