Chelsea 2 – 2 Bayern Munich (Super Cup): Match Notes

Goals for Chelsea:
Fernando Torres (Assist: Andre Schurrle, great work by Hazard)
Eden Hazard

Match Notes:

  • Oh Nando! Fernando Torres scored another great goal. How he loves the European competitions. Only Messi & Ronaldo have now scored more goals in Europe this year. I have said again & again that Torres is improving in each game. Mou should try once to go all-out with him. (to start him regularly and not rotate him)
  • The GEEZER is back! David Luiz had good 120 minutes.
  • Chelsea had a good start to the match partly due to the early goal. Bayern were rattled and were forced to make mistakes. If it had remain 0-0, Bayern would have started to dominated the possession excessively. Just like they began to at 1-1.
  • Petr Cech made many outstanding saves in extra time, I guess 2, but he was partly at fault for Ribery goal. Mistakes happen. On the other hand, Neuer was very much at fault for Chelsea’s second goal.
  • The game virtually ended at 85′ after Ramires red card. It was the correct call. But all the decisions kept going in favor for Bayern. Pep Guardiola seems to have improved Bayern in the department of play-acting. On a serious note, Bayern are not the team they were last season under Jupp Heynckes. Guardiola’s possession based system is not working at the moment. Will it ever work, who knows? Lionel Messi won’t be available to bail him out in every match. This year is going to be the true test of Guardiola’s system.
  • Chelsea defensive was something to be proud of not just after the red card. Seems like Gary Cahill is reaping the rewards of working under a coach like Mourinho.
  • Mou said after the match that the best team lost!
    This made me rethink about the match. Looking at the stats for 120 minutes would be a futile exercise. But if you analyze the game uptill 85′ red card, Chelsea created the better chances. Iva hit the post, DL nearly scored. The match would have had a different outcome had Oscar taken his chance.
  • Lets talk about exciting football. Mou isn’t a coach who has been very good at it. But he is certainly trying and it’s a work in progress. In the important matches, he will try to win the way he knows best and has confidence in.
  • Chill guys! It was Super Cup not the CL final. The defeat doesn’t hurt much. The internation break does…! 😀

P.S. Some people said that JT should have remained on bench , hoodo stuff. Nonsense, if that had been true, Gareth Bale would have been sold by Spurs for 3-4 million pounds to some Chmpionship club.